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One Place, Many Nations

In one place, visitors experience the collective histories of 39 distinctive First American Nations in Oklahoma today. First Americans Museum shares the cultural diversity, history, and contributions of the First Americans.

FAM Land and Peoples Acknowledgement

First Americans Museum (FAM)  honors the ancestors who lived here before it was Oklahoma.

We honor the indigenous people who inhabited these lands before the United States was established. They include the Apache, Caddo, Tonkawa, and Wichita. We also honor those tribes who have a historical relationship to this region, including the Comanche, Kiowa, Osage and Quapaw. We acknowledge the Muscogee (Creek) and Seminole who were once assigned the land upon which FAM resides.

Today, 39 distinct tribal nations reside in Oklahoma. We are as diverse culturally and linguistically as the nations on the European continent.

We are not in Oklahoma by choice. Many of our peoples were removed and relocated from the far reaches of the contiguous United States. After nearly 200 years, our histories and cultural lifeways are now interwoven into this landscape.

The Choctaw people call this land Okla Homma. Okla Homma means “red people,” the place we now call home.

Our National Story

Only a few tribal Nations were indigenous to what is now the State of Oklahoma. All others were removed from homelands across the contiguous U.S. to Indian Territory. In 1907 Oklahoma became the 46th state to enter the union. The state’s name comes from two Choctaw words “Okla” and “Homma” meaning Red People.

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FAM is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Crossroads of America, the confluence on Interstates 35, 40, 235 and 44. Oklahoma City is the capital and largest city in the state of Oklahoma, USA. FAM is positioned along the Oklahoma River across from downtown.

659 First Americans Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73129

FAM serves as a starting point to explore First American attractions throughout Oklahoma.

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Our Mission

To serve as a dynamic center promoting awareness and educating the broader public about the unique cultures, diversity, history, contributions, and resilience of the First American Nations in Oklahoma today.

Our Core Values


Acknowledge and celebrate the worth of all peoples


Promote the mutual exchange of knowledge, ideas, and perspectives


Strengthen connections with our local, regional, and global communities


Educate the broader public and foster truth-telling