Get a glimpse of my world

I’m Grandma Turtle. Step into my magical pop-up book world and see how We are all Connected! 

Your gift will impact future generations

Together we’ll learn about Respect, Resilience, Stewardship and Community. 

This one-of-a-kind fully illustrated, multi-plane immersive world has surprises for everyone ages three to 103! Day turns into night, and together we’ll experience all four seasons.


We’ll play games that dispel stereotypes and promote respect. Building activities help us practice patience and resilience when things get difficult. Meet Native heroes who share the importance of stewardship by caring for our world. Find hidden clues in the scavenger hunt as we become part of the community.

Please join me in creating the FAMily Discovery Center to give future generations a fun-filled, safe learning space with activities for all that embrace our shared values of Respect, Resilience, Stewardship and Community. 

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Sponsors as of 10/13/22

Governor Bill and Janice Anoatubby
Caddo Nation
Chickasaw Nation

Linda Marie Arredondo | Julie and Tony Blatt | Mary Boren | Dr. Nathan and Linda Grantham | Nancy Harris | Craig Knutson |  Sandra Medrano/AARP | James Pepper Henry | Elizabeth Shumway Family | Phil Truss | Shoshana Wasserman