Located in the Tribal Nations Gallery of the South Wing of First Americans Museum, OKLA HOMMA shares the stories of all 39 tribes in Oklahoma today. You are invited to explore this celebration of our peoples’ resiliency—told from the perspective of First Americans.

Exhibition Overview

This signature exhibition speaks to the diverse stories of the 39 tribes in Oklahoma today. Featuring works of art, interactive media, and film, OKLA HOMMA will engage visitors of all ages through sight, sound and touch. In addition to exploring our stories from ancestral origins to the present day, this 18,000 square foot gallery examines enduring subjects, including our collective histories, (mis)representation, sports and games and warriors. The exhibition includes cultural materials drawn from the growing FAM collection and loans from partner institutions.

Digital media elements integrated into the exhibition immerse visitors in the tribal, historic and personal stories of generations of First Americans. The 270-degree Origins Theater presents four tribal Origin Stories scripted, narrated and animated by Native community members. Moving Fire audio pods are storytelling experiences that honor our oral histories. They evoke our stories—both tragic and triumphant—that describe Native peoples’ experiences in ancestral lands, the hardship of removal and assimilation and our hopes for the future. A four-dimensional soundscape celebrates the songs, languages and natural sounds of Native life in Oklahoma today in the Community Voices theater. Interactive features will transport you across Oklahoma in a powwow van, challenge you to play traditional chunkey or hand game, and more. 

OKLA HOMMA represents more than a decade of careful consultation with each of the 39 tribes, our Knowledge Givers and scholars. Developed by an all-Native curatorial team, the exhibition shares our diverse lifeways and experiences rather than presenting a singular, authoritative narrative.

Take a Tour

Walk-in tours are included every day with admission and meet in the Hall of The People at 1 p.m. (closed Tuesdays). No reservations are required. Adult group visits and school tours feature discounted admission and are available upon request with three weeks notice.

Exhibition Catalogue

An exhibition catalogue will provide an in-depth understanding of OKLA HOMMA. This collection of original essays will examine the methodologies and practices used in its development, discuss the survey of cultural motivations that anticipated the exhibition and informed the selection of stories, and discuss the importance of this exhibition from a museological perspective. 

The exhibition catalogue is available for sale from FAMstore.