Winter Holiday Art Market

2022 WHAM Artists and Sponsors

Nathalie Standingcloud (Cherokee/Creek/Salish/ Wenatchi native)

Nathalie is an actress, model and artist in Oklahoma. She can be seen in Hulu FX’s Reservation Dogs. Nathalie has walked in runway shows at the First Americans Museum, and currently tattoos at Inkjunkys in Tulsa.

Benjamin Harjo, Jr./Heidi Big Knife
Billy Hensley
Brian Landreth
Caesar Family
Chad Nish Earles
Charley Johnson
Chase Kahwinhut Earles
Daniel Worcester
Diance Chaat-Smith
Dr. Jessica Harjo
Dustin Mater
Eva Cantrell
FAM staff
Gilmore Scott
Jarica Walsh/Sarah Adams
Jason Murray/James Pepper Henry/Savannah Tallbear
Jennifer Reeder
Josh Johnico
Karin Walkingstick/Tama Roberts
Kate Sultuska/Isabella Cornell
Kathy Abercrombie
Kenny Glass/Keli Gonzales
Kindra Swafford
Lisa Rutherford
Marwin Begaye
Micah Wesley
Moonhawk Art
Nancy Boyett/Ruthe Blalock-Jones
Nathalie Standingcloud/Lakin Keener
Rabbit Studios
Ray Duck
Rock the Native Vote
Teton by Lenape
Traci Rabbit
Vivian Cottrell
Werito Family
Yonevea Hawkins

  • Rock the Native Vote
  • Dean & Kelly Wyatt

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