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On September 18, 2021 the First Americans Museum (FAM) will open to the world. FAM will provide an accurate and authentic representation of art, history, and living cultures of the 39 distinct tribal nations in Oklahoma today.

  • Our 175,000 sq. ft. museum is embedded with symbolism and shared values of the 39 Tribal Nations.
  • Earthen and manmade architecture connect to create a unique sense of place.
  • Built on 40-acres along the Oklahoma River, the museum has a symbolic east to west orientation honoring the path of the sun.
  • The significant Remembrance Walls are made of stone named for Mskwabek, a distinguished warrior among the Wabashni Potawatomi of Indiana. The name references the many colors highlighted at sunrise and sunset. The stones that compose these walls represent the Indigenous people who have always called this land home. They also acknowledge the First Americans removed from their tribal homelands throughout North America to “Indian Territory.” We honor those who lost their lives along the perilous journey and celebrate those who survived. These walls intentionally face the east to greet the morning sun.

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