Acquisition Proposal Form

First Americans Museum (FAM) welcomes the donation of items to our collections. Each donation request is thoughtfully considered by the Senior Curator, the Director, and the appropriate governing committees to determine if the gift is in line with FAM’s mission, follows acquisition criteria laid out in the Collections Management Policy, and for which proper care can be provided.

If you are interested in donating to FAM complete this form, providing as much detail as possible to begin the donation process.

Unsolicited items will not be accepted. Please do not bring your donations to the museum without prior approval.

FAM does not collect any of the following:

  • FAM will not accept nor acquire human remains or funerary objects.
  • FAM will not accept nor acquire items that are NAGPRA sensitive, including ceremonial items or otherwise items that are considered sacred or have cultural patrimony.
  • FAM will not accept nor acquire precontact archaeological materials.

Please note that the acquisition process will take 6 – 9 months to administer.

*FAM occasionally purchases items for its collections; however, funding is limited.

FAM requests that you provide images of all item(s) included in the proposed gift. The images should accurately depict the whole object (all sides), include any additional images that provide details of any signatures or significant marks, including marks on the verso (back side of the work) or areas of damage. FAM also would like images of any related documents (identified above).