Of the Earth: Creating First Americans Museum

Located in the Community Gallery on the floor across from The Hall of The People and near the Grand Staircase.

Exhibition Overview

This temporary exhibition shares the architectural history and embedded cultural symbolism.  It also highlights the people involved with designing and building First Americans Museum. A brief timeline, original concept sketches and architectural milestones convey the story three decades in the making.

A 3-model featuring a media projection program explores the visual journey of the museums construction from Oklahoma City Oil Field number one, through site remediation and construction, to the completion of First Americans Museum. The importance of cultural alignment with the cardinal directions and seasonal solstice and equinox are revealed.

Additionally, there are photographs from first steel to last glass. There is a Living Archive which identifies everyone from the architects to the many consultants who helped realize the dream.

Exhibition Catalogue

This exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue including original essays by our Architectural  and design team and others who have played a significant role.